The Cadence program was designed with our broker partners in mind:

  • Earn 15% commission
  • Earn contingencies (profit-share commissions) on profitable books of business
  • Protect contingencies on your standard market book by capturing that 10% of their book that is small and problematic
  • Create efficiency by consolidating broker business, lower administrative overhead, etc.

Our Broker Partner clients value Cadence because we write this business in our binding authority. So we offer prompt service, more money for the broker partner and an opportunity to earn more on profitable business with a minimum volume commitment.

Our Broker Partners appreciate Cadence so much that once they gain familiarity with this program, they are rolling their small books of business into it.


What is Cadence?

Cadence is the Small Business Unit of Conway E&S, comprised of a team of underwriters that focuses solely on meeting the unique insurance needs of small businesses. The Cadence differentiators that earn our broker partners’ trust are our decades of experience, market relationships, personalized attention, and prompt service.

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Carrie Chappie

Cadence Snapshot


Apartments (incl. student housing)
Contractor’s Equipment
Day Care
Exercise Clubs
Marijuana Related – Lessor’s Risk Only
Special Events
Beauty Salons/Spas
Convenience Stores
Food Trucks
Lessors Risk Only
Manufacturing (light/medium)
Restaurants/Bars/Taverns (excl liquor)
Vacant Buildings and Land


Amusement Devices
Halfway Houses
Roofing Contractors
Small Schools
Tanning Salons
Welding Operations
Counseling Centers
Hunting/Fishing Clubs
Shelters – homeless
Food Distributors
Tattoo/Piercing Parlors
Subsidized Housing


Aluminum Wiring (unless remediated)
Farmers/Crop Insurance
Adult Entertainment
Abortion Clinics
Garage Operations
Logging Operations
Jewelers/Furrier Blocks

Case study

Internet Service Provider

The situation was that our agent partner came to us because the insured was on a BOP and they felt that the insured had outgrown the BOP, but didn’t have any standard markets that would cover the risk including professional. The obstacle that our Cadence Team faced was that it was somewhat challenging to get the information needed because BOP carriers don’t normally ask for this information. Our strategic action plan was based on two Cadence Team members working together so that only one person was asking for additional information and the request was coordinate to make it easier for the agent. As a result, Cadence bound a communication equipment policy with IMU to correctly cover the insured property and marine exposure. Additionally, we placed a professional liability policy to cover the insured’s exposure which had not been included in the BOP. We analyzed the overall risk in order to put together a more comprehensive insurance program.