Our Services

Our industry experts understand the markets and the insured’s risks so that we can help you deliver a comprehensive solution that powerfully positions you with your client (for new business and renewals).

When you partner with Conway you don’t just get a quote, you get:

• Expertise so that your company doesn’t have to invest in additional resources, allowing you to have greater success.
• Increased value to the insureds, leading to more income for you and your company.
• Collaboration with your firm to come alongside you in a true partnership to deliver additional value to your clients.


Cadence MGA is a one-stop E&S underwriting solution. By combining a majority of your smaller wholesaled accounts into one program, you can reap the benefits of earning higher commission across the board along with potential for profit commission.

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Customized Wholesale Brokerage and Underwriting Solutions that provide all lines of coverage for any size client by industry.

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Our Professional Team is dedicated to helping you place coverage on all of your professional risks. We can place the very small to the very large risk and are a great resource when it comes to coverage and forms analysis and comparison.

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Our CARS team has developed a focused, Decision-Gateway methodology to get business leaders quickly and efficiently to “Go, No-Go” decisions on how to lead their companies through the evaluation, design, and implementation of strategies such as a Captive Insurance Company.

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