Why your clients need D&O:

Immunity does not prevent an organization from being suedLaws against discrimination and harassment apply to all employers, even non-profits. You can also be sued by employees or third parties, such as clients or vendorsNearly 85% of nonprofits have an annual budget that is less than the average cost to defend a claimYour board members and organization need to protect their assets

What coverage are we offering?

Separate limits of liability for Directors & Officers and Employment Practices Liability claims (D&O limit not eroded by employment claims)Defense cost outside the limit of liabilityLifetime occurrence reporting provision – unlimited reporting extension for former directors and officers who are not on the board when coverage is cancelled or not renewedData & Security+ Endorsement – $50,000 expense sub-limit each for data breach, identity theft, workplace violence and kidnapFair labor Standards Act (FLSA) $100,000 sub-limit for defense costs and loss (available in most jurisdictions)Third Party Discrimination and Harassment Coverage (available for most classes)Business Resource Center – free HR hotline with unlimited number of calls and no time limits plus discounted HR services such as background checks and online HR training modules
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