Let's Work Together


Thank you for being or considering becoming a Broker Partner with Conway!

What we are offering is different than any other wholesaler. For over twenty years, we have understood and supported the independent insurance agency distribution system. We partner with brokers whose leadership wants to grow and to be innovative; who are trustworthy, professional and accessible. We offer the same in return.

Conway is not an “open brokerage” wholesaler, Therefore, our products and services give you an “edge” and exclusivity in the marketplace. Cadence MGA and FifthWall, provide insurance solutions that are unique and only available to Conway broker partners. We are licensed in all fifty states and the USVI, and we represent the very best markets in every industry segment in order to meet your needs and thus the needs of the insured’s.

Contact our Business Development Manager if you are interested in becoming a partner with Conway!

Why Conway?

When you partner with Conway you don’t just get a quote, you get:

• Expertise so that your company doesn’t have to invest in additional resources, allowing you to have greater success.
• Increased value to the insureds, leading to more income for you and your company.
• Collaboration with your firm to come alongside you in a true partnership to deliver additional value to your clients.